With a professional career spanning 15 years, Zara Odu has been at the forefront of the growth and development of the apparel industry, working to grow and build brands across Africa. In 2017, she launched Designers Consociate, a boutique firm committed to developing sustainable solutions that invigorate the African apparel eco system. 
At Designers Consociate, we are particularly interested in a slower, more organic, delicate process of Design. Our focus is three fold:
– Partnerships and Collaborations : We create exclusive, one-off products with brands that push our vision to the global consumer. 
– Brand Development : We work with brands to ensure that their brands and practices are as sustainable as possible, from material sourcing to fair wages for artisans to environmentally conscious manufacturing. 
– Industry Advocacy:  We advocate key topics and sectors within the African Fashion industry such as waste management and indigenous textile development and revitalization.
We highlight innovative and design-led Made-in-Africa products with a key focus on locally sourced, hand crafted, raw and waste materials. By this, we demonstrate the economic viability of craftsmanship and provoke social and economic impact in job creation, boosted income, and assist in poverty eradication
Our most urgent goal is to promote sustainability and the circular economy in Africa.